The Easy Way to Stay Focused

Meet the MotivAider®

The MotivAider® is an ingeniously simple device that allows you to benefit from the awesome power of focused attention.

Control your most valuable resource

Meet the MotivAiderHow would you like to have greater control over how you focus your attention? What if you could keep your attention focused on whatever you intelligently choose to pay attention to? Just imagine how much more productive, effective and successful you could be!

Staying focused isn't easy

If you're like most people, you're more easily distracted than you'd like to be. Your attention too often goes to the highest bidder rather than to the smartest bidder. Instead of feeling like the master of your own attention, you feel like a slave to the many distractions that hijack your focus and deprive you of the success and satisfaction you could otherwise enjoy.

Stay focused on virtually any goal you choose

The MotivAider® automatically keeps your attention focused on virtually any goal you choose. By bathing your goal in attention, it transforms your goal into an active, driving force in your life.

An ingeniously simple tool

Don't be fooled by the MotivAider's simplicity. It's based on a psychologist’s breakthrough discovery about how the human mind really works. It supplies a missing ingredient in the recipe for positive personal change. The MotivAider® works in a way that's as private as thought. It works with your mind to make your mind work better.

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